Introduction to MemoMash

Learning and remembering with spaced repetition.

Traditionally, when you want to learn something, you read it. If you really want to remember it, you might take notes.

Taking notes is helpful because it forces you to process the text. You can also later come back to your notes and refresh your memory about the points that were new and important to you in the original material.

Let's see what the important new concepts are in our example text.

Scroll down.

Now we have taken notes about the important new concepts we want to learn and remember.

Scroll down to let some time pass, and see how you'll start to forget some of the new chemistry concepts.

It's starting to feel like we don't remember so much about the new chemistry things anymore.

As we read the material again, everything is clear again!

Let some more time pass and scroll down.

Oh no! You are starting to forget again!

Better refresh our memory again by reading the material through the third time.

As time passes, we completely forget some things while some are much easier for us to remember. Still, it is pretty hard to try to cherry pick and re-read about just the stuff that we have forgotten. If we have forgotten about it, it's hard to know what the thing that we forgot was. Thus, to refresh out memory, we read the whole chapter (or our notes) again.

On the other hand, refreshing memory by reading notes or the material is often not very efficient, since it is passive learning. Have you ever read a couple of pages just to realize you have no idea what you just read? That's passive learning. Taking notes is good, because it makes the learning active, but who bothers to take note of notes? I don't.

If only there was a better way!

Luckily, there is a better way!

You can think of MemoMash as a way to take notes. Each note, or card, contains a piece of information that you want to remember. When you are about to forget something, MemoMash knows to offer that piece of information for you to revise.

Going through notes with MemoMash is not passively trying to pour information into your brain. Revising with MemoMash is always active, effective learning, because you are answering questions, like in an exam.

Another nice feature is that MemoMash won't let you forget anything, if you keep revising the suggested cards. It still totals to less work, because you only revise cards that you are just about to forget. Traditionally, when you want to revise, you read everything again, which takes a lot of time and effort compared to answering to single questions about the material.

Scroll down to see how revising with MemoMash works. Pay attention to how a word never fades completely away, and no word is revised before it almost has faded away, because that would be wasted effort. (You can also re-scroll upwards to rewind the example.)

You are now revising more often but in smaller and smarter pieces!

To recap, with MemoMash

  • Your total study effort is smaller, because you don't waste time revising things you already remember well.

  • You become the person, who always seems to remember everything, because MemoMash knows exactly when you need to revise something.

  • The time you use to study becomes more efficient, since all the learning and revising is active.

  • It is easier to effectively study even when you have just couple of minutes of spare time, because MemoMash can give you a small note to revise anytime.

Also, there is more information available.